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Hey! I have been sharing some of these with my modern history class that I'm in right now. We are currently doing the rise of communism in Russia so they fit nicely haha! Would you be able to do some more Russia ones??

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Of course, in fact I have quite a few ideas, I just haven’t got around to making them yet! Also, that’s awesome!

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Coming soon: the Dalai Lama.

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No guys, I’m not dead. I was not captured by the Viet Cong or something. Anyway, here’s some Vietnam stuff like I promised.

Note: “Charlie” is an American nickname for the Viet Cong.

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I promise there will be more stuff soon~

There *might* be a slight hint of Vietnam in there, watch this space.

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25 followers! Thank you! Remember, I’m still taking requests, you can do so through the ask/submit pages. Nostrovia!

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